Omnitrope somatropin 15 mg 45iu es una hormona de crecimiento humana recombinante indicada para:

Niños: Tratamiento de niños con defectos de crecimiento por déficit de hormona de crecimiento (GHD), síndrome de Prader-Willi, pequeños para la edad gestacional, síndrome de Turner y estado de tarjeta idiopático.
Adulto: tratamiento de adultos con inicio en la edad adulta o inicio de GHD


Patients who need growth hormone therapy and their families have a growth advocate at OmniSource, not just at the beginning, but throughout their treatment period. OmniSource is here for you and your family.

In addition to the patient’s pediatric or adult endocrinologist and endocrinology nurse, patients can count on OmniSource as a resource and support system.



Omnitrope somatropin 15mg 45iu is a recombinant human growth hormone indicated for:

Children: Treatment of children with growth defects due to growth hormone deficiency (GHD), Prader-Willi syndrome, small for gestational age, Turner syndrome, and idiopathic card status.
Adult: Treatment of adults with adult-onset or GHD-onset.


Who should not take Omnitrope somatropin 15 mg 45iu (somatropin injection [rDNA origin])?

Omnitrope Somatropin 15mg 45iu should not be used in children and adults with any of the following medical conditions as serious side effects may occur:

a serious illness caused by certain types of heart or stomach surgery, serious injury, or sudden and severe breathing problems (respiratory failure)
Prader-Willi syndrome who are very overweight or have a history of breathing problems, including sleep apnea.
cancer or other tumors
certain types of eye problems caused by diabetes
allergies to growth hormone or any of the ingredients of the medication

Omnitrope somatropin 15mg 45iu should also not be used in children who have stopped growing.
What should patients tell their doctor before taking Omnitrope?

Patients should inform their physician of their medical and family history, use of treatment, and past and present medical conditions, including but not limited to the following:

cancer or any tumor
use of prescription and over-the-counter drugs, steroids, vitamins, and herbal supplements

What are the most common side effects of Omnitrope Somatropin 15mg 45iu?

local reactions at the injection site (such as pain, numbness, redness and swelling)
swelling associated with fluid retention
joint pain and muscle pain
carpal tunnel syndrome
tingling and numbness
unusual skin sensations
low levels of thyroid hormone (hypothyroidism)

Other possible side effects of Omnitrope Somatropin 15mg 45iu are:

recurrence of tumors or cancerous growths
high blood sugar (hyperglycaemia/diabetes)
headache, vision changes, nausea or vomiting (there may be symptoms of increased pressure in the brain that require immediate medical attention)
hip pain and knee or limp in children, which may be a sign of a split femoral epiphysis
deterioration of the existing curvature of the spine in children (scoliosis)
increased ear infections and diseases in children with Turner syndrome; check for cardiovascular disease (hypertension, stroke)
severe pain and tenderness in the abdomen due to inflammation of the pancreas (pancreatitis)
Gasping syndrome (decreased breathing rate) in children due to high levels of benzyl alcohol (an inactive ingredient)